Vermont License Plates

Vermont does not normally use I, J, O, Q, U, V, Z on regular issue plates (with few exceptions.)


black on white

Standard Passenger Plates


HXG 988
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The current base began in 1985. These plates were initially limited to five characters, in the formats of 1A234, 123A4, 1AB23 and 12AB3. The format expanded to six characters in the AAA 001 format in 1990.

From Skipper Horner: Through plate BNF 974, passenger, truck, municipal, agricultural and large trailer types started together at AAB 100 and continued normally until truck plates got their own series. The plates in this set are all unique and there are no duplicates as originally thought. Plate numbers have been duplicated between "passenger" and "truck" in a few different specialty types, mainly vanity and some older "all numeric" plates. Now, passenger and truck plates are issued "ahead" and back-filled, this is why we see larger gaps, on average about 8000 plates for pass. types and 6000 for trucks. Notice that the whole FK- series appears to have been skipped. Rare exceptions to "normal" plates: BMV ___on cars (and all BMW are T/R/K); T/R/A AEJ ___.

Vermont dropped the circle T lower right with the GCR series.

The GE- series might have been skipped. None have been reported yet.

Craig Powers - 10 Oct ’20

Non-passenger Plates

Apportioned Bus

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Middle letter always B, still using older chunky dies.

Skipper Horner - 9 Mar ’20

Apportioned Truck

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The B series was skipped since it is used for Apportioned Bus.

Skipper Horner - 12 Oct ’15


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Skipper Horner - 11 Dec ’18

Disabled Vet

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New type in 2012. American flag to the left of the number.

Skipper Horner - 21 Jan ’20


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The KG series had a space between the KG and the number.

Corb Moister, Jr - 14 Sep ’18


AAX 297
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White on Red

Skipper Horner - 12 Mar ’20

Street Rod

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"STREET RODS" spelled out diagonally before number

Skipper Horner - 22 Sep ’12

Trailer (Large)

ATP 496
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Chris Martin - 27 May ’20

Trailer (Small)

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Same size as Motorcycle plates.

Skipper Horner - 26 Jul ’15


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This is the new format replacing the original 3/3 format that was as high as BNF 974, spotted by Skipper on 2012-04-16.

Low - 100A137 2010-02-02 Corb

In the original 1985 series, trucks were in the series T/R/K AA100.

Phil Blanchard - 8 Aug ’20

Specialty Plates

Building Bright Futures

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Started at 50000

Skipper Horner - 17 Jul ’15


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Started at 25000. This is the original Conservation issue with the peregrine falcon. They will still be available until the current stock has been depleted.

Jeff Fortier - 28 Nov ’09

Conservation - Catamount

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Catamount plates started at 55000.

Skipper Horner - 4 Mar ’15

Conservation - Deer

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Truck: T/R/K 77177

Skipper Horner - 14 May ’15

Conservation - Loon

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Truck: T/R/K 77270

Ric Allison - 17 May ’20

Conservation - Trout

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Truck: T/R/K 77111 2015-10-12 Skipper

Skipper Horner - 8 Jan ’16


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Logo is on right

Skipper Horner - 1 Jan ’15

Gold Star Family

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Started at 21000.

TRK Gold Star: T/R/K 21545

Speculation is that the Truck series began at 21500.

Skipper Horner - 24 Mar ’15


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International Association of Firefighters

Truck: T/R/K prefix, numbers start at 24500

Truck high: 24598

Skipper Horner - 14 May ’15

Lake Champlain

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Legal issue single (front) plate only. Can be displayed on car until 6/30/2010.

Limited edition set of 400, originally "issued" via charity auction in 2009 to support the lake's 400th anniversary of discovery. Later, Any non-auctioned plates went up for general sale to the public at a cost of $20.

Skipper Horner - 2 Aug ’14

Vol. Firefighter

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Started at 15000.

Skipper Horner - 12 Nov ’12

Military Plates

Purple Heart

PH 1310
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The space between the PH and the number is filled by an image of the Purple Heart medal.

Skipper Horner - 17 Jul ’15

Veteran - Non-War

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The V series is for non-war Vets.

Motorcycle: V809 (flat) 2016-01-08 Skipper Horner

Skipper Horner - 29 Jan ’16

Veteran - War

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The numeric issue is for war Vets, and they have a large sticker denoting which war they were a part of.

There is also a Handicap Vet plate available. See Non-Pass section.

Skipper reports Veteran T/R/K 48145 2015-07-26

It appears Passenger is in the 43000 and 44000 block, but Truck is in the 47000 block.

Skipper reports seeing non-trk 47000, which was an error plate. It did not have the T/R/K legend, nor was it on a truck.

Veteran Motorcycle: V1247 (American flag to left of number.)

Skipper Horner - 12 Oct ’15