Rhode Island License Plates

Rhode Island made a practice of recycling dormant numbers in 5-character (2 letter - 3 number) ranges for many years until just recently when six digit numbers started to appear. As a new state policy, old numbers will no longer be reissued. That means no more 2 letter - 3 number plates will be issued for new registrations. All new issues will be numeric plates. The new issue started at 710-001.

John Mac Kenzie reports that plate number 100000 was issued in earlier years, but that was a special issue for the mayor of North Providence. John has also seen 200000 more recently, but we don't know who is using it yet. Those would have been the only recent 6 digit Pass plates in Rhode Island prior to this new series.


11 - black on blue

12 - black on orange

13 - black on magenta

14 - black on green

15 - black on chrome yellow

16 - black on lemon yellow

17 - black on white

Standard Passenger Plates

2023 Series

1PK 971
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Corb Moister, Jr - 27 May ’23

1996 Series

1NH 590
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The current base began in late 1996.

All-numeric six digit plates are the new standard issue for Rhode Island Passenger plates. They began at 710-001, and John Mac Kenzie had the good luck to spot the first plate (710-001) on 2007-03-11. He also reports ZZ-991 as the high in the traditional 2/3 format.

After the forward progression from 710-001 reached 999-999, the 600-000 series was used, then the 500-000 series, the 400-000 series, and now the 300-000 series is in use.

From Rich Dragon: Once 399-999 was reached, Rhode Island reverted back to the AB-123 format, oddly beginning with the EZ series. There should be no 200- nor 100- series six-digit passenger car plates in Rhode Island.

Brendon Ludlow observes Rhode Island appears to be issuing any of the AB-123 plates that are not currently in use. It doesn't seem like they issue them in any particular order. I have seen several plates that look brand new and have 16 expiration stickers beginning with A, B, E and now F.

Corb Moister, Jr - 21 May ’23

Non-passenger Plates


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Adam Garstka - 24 Oct ’21


1CF 308
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Chris Martin - 27 Apr ’23


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James Boerner - 30 Oct ’14


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Brandon reports 000538 in the Commercial series, but we don't know if this is a personalized issue. Leading zero plates on low numbers would be something new in RI.

Mike Hart reports 0, which is the lowest Commercial number in RI.

Frederick Goodrich - 20 Feb ’23


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Color scheme changes annually.

Anonymous - 24 Sep ’22


1CR 564
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Motor vehicles powered in whole or in part by a storage battery are eligible for this plate. It is not mandatory to have this plate on this type of vehicle but is encouraged for the safety of first responders.

  - 17 Jun ’22

Fire Apparatus

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Jim Hough - 20 Sep ’09


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Mike Hart - 3 Sep ’05

School Bus

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James Boerner - 13 Jan ’15


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Jacco Hoekstra - 29 Oct ’18

State Police

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- 5 Mar ’20


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James Boerner - 12 Nov ’14


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Jim Hough - 13 Jul ’08


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Chris Scott - 19 Aug ’22

Military Veteran Plates


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Just expanded to 5 digits for the first time.

The earlier issue was "War Veteran." More recent issues have just been Veteran, some with an additional "WAR VETERAN" decal. There is also a Disabled Veteran plate that has been observed with 2-4 digits.

Frederick Goodrich - 15 Jan ’23