Québec License Plates

The current series is using the A12 BCD format. Our observation is that the first letter and two numbers progress before the three letter suffix, giving this type of progression: B01 AAA through B99 AAA, then C01 AAA through C99 AAA, etc.

Louis Lamy advises in the new passenger series some prefix letters have been omitted: A-C-F-L-R-T-V.

Matthieu Lavoie advises that letters B, D, Q, S are no longer in use at first position. Last plate with a B at start is B99 BVH, last one for D is D99 DVH. Q and S were no longer used in the first position after D99 DVH.

Standard Passenger Plates

Passenger new

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Spotted in Downtown Montréal

New format introduced to replace 01A AAA due to too many inappropriate combinations, with some having been accidentally issued already.

From Andru Tomoiu and Manny Jacob: Passenger plate series progression since 1995:

A-H, J-N, Q, Y, R, Veteran P, SAA-SSZ, PDA-PDH, remainder of S, remainder of P, T, V, W, X, Y, Z. Early P series (PAA-PCZ) set aside for Veteran plates. Jean-François Lapointe reports 001 PDA as the lowest regular P series seen. The P series began to be issued before the S series was exhausted, and the T series followed P, but S series plates were still being issued. Highest P and S series issued around same time in late 2006-early 2007, then T, V, W, X, Y, and Z thereafter.

Jean-François Lachance spotted 002 AAA on 2009-01-04. In the original run of the AAA 001 and up series, Louis P. Lamy reports a high of ZZZ 985. According to Louis, AAA 001 was issued to a woman in Hull. The lowest Louis has seen is AAA 137.

Reverse series Z High: 999 ZZZ 2010-05-14 François-Pierre Doyon

Low on the newest format: B07 AAA 2014-08-21 Tom Rodda

Marty Shmelky - 19 May ’24

Green Vehicle: Passenger

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The following series have been reserved for Green plates:

Passenger: E01 VEA to Z99 VEZ

Commercial: FVE1001 to FVE9999

Bus: A 90001 to A 99999.

Low: E02 VEA 2014-04-20 François-Pierre Doyon

Alexandre tremblay - 6 May ’24

Non-passenger Plates


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Buses registered in IRP use these plates fitted with blue on white PRP sticker upper right and sometimes a green axle sticker lower right.

David Royer - 15 Dec ’23


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All series with Q skipped so far (i.e. no FQ, FAQ, FBQ etc.)

Rental cars use these plates.

Ivan Wotchinski - 16 Sep ’23

Consular Corps

CC 2877
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David Royer - 23 Jun ’22


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Josué Miller - 9 Mar ’22

Dealer - small

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Dealer plates for vehicles with small plates (mainly motorcycles and off road) have a XA prefix.

Eric Laberge - 27 Jul ’14

Diplomatic Corps

CD 2144
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Diplomatic Corps plates in Québec are issued to the staff of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a UN body based in Montreal.

David Royer - 7 Mar ’22

Green Vehicle: Bus

A 97488
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Low: A 90004

Josué Miller - 6 Feb ’22

Green Vehicle: Commercial

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The following series have been reserved for Green Vehicle Commercial plates:

FVE1001 to FVE9999

Ivan Wotchinski - 3 Jul ’23

Green Vehicle: Motorcycle

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Eric Bryden - 7 Jul ’23

Green Vehicle: Truck

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Carlos - 17 Nov ’23

Limited Use

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Limited use plates are used on farm tractors, antique vehicles, and motorcycles.

François-Pierre Doyon - 14 Sep ’21


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New motorcycle series after reaching the end of the all-numeric format. All-numeric high - 999744 Stéphane 2008-07-03

New series low - 10003A

François-Pierre Doyon - 27 Sep ’21

Off Road

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From Matthieu Lavoie: New series after VZ99999 is V1001A. B, D, I, O, Q, S, U will not be used as suffix letter.

Andru Tommoiu - 30 Jul ’22


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From Andru Tomoiu: Trailer series progression has been R, RA-RD, RF-RP, RR-RZ, RE, RQ, as of early 2007: RA1234B format.

Alexandre tremblay - 21 Sep ’23


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Trucks registered in IRP use these plates fitted with blue on white PRP sticker upper right and green axle sticker lower right. New variation of '6' on axle sticker first observed 5-10-08.

Since the beginning of 2014, all IRP applications began gradually receiving a sticker labeled "IRP" instead of "PRP."

Alexandre tremblay - 2 May ’24

Military Veteran Plates


289 PCL
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First modern Québec graphic plate, introduced in early 2006 has red and black poppy between the digits and letters of the otherwise-regular base. 008 PAA reported as the low for this issue by Jean-François Lachance on 2006-11-22. It now appears that PAA-PCZ was alloted for Veteran plates, because PDA-PZZ letter range was used for regular passenger plates confirmed issued from June 2006 to January 2007.

François-Pierre Doyon - 16 Oct ’21

Veteran - Motorcycle

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First available in April 2009.

New series (xxxxA) for the veteran MC plates, after xxxxV

Andru Tommoiu - 29 Sep ’23

Former Series (no longer issued but still valid)


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Taxi plates in Québec begin with a T followed by a 2-digit district number and a serial (11 is Montreal.)

T363607 is the high from Québec City from François-Pierre Doyon 2014-09-21.

The highest taxi license plate at Rouyn-Noranda is T48 595.

François-Pierre Doyon - 3 Oct ’19

Taxi - Hospital

TB 2838
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A taxi that provides specialized transport with an escort for clients of the health care network. New type in 2002.

This plate in Matthieu Lavoie's collection. This is the very hardest type in Quebec. Only 2 were issued in 10 years, these are not on the road anymore. Only 2 others known, found by a friend: TB 2832, 2836, and 2838.

Matthieu Lavoie - 2 Sep ’12

Taxi - Regional

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Taxis operating outside the 57 urban taxi districts are registered in the TR series.

François-Pierre Doyon - 13 Sep ’19

Taxi - Special

TS 3500
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Used on limousines.

Ivan Wotchinski - 2 Apr ’13

Inactive Series (retired)


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Louis P. Lamy reports that since February 20, 2023 the temporary is the plate number assigned to the owner. A printed paper plate with the plate number must be affixed at rear window until the plate delivered by mail. So, this series no longer has a high of its own.

Sticker about 5 inches by 3 inches (estimate) placed in upper left corner of rear window, Quebec logo in upper left corner, number in large characters in lower right corner, paper is yellow with diagonal orange band from lower left to upper right, vehicle data is handwritten on printed dark lines, wavy orange-red lines running from left to right.

These temporary permits are good for 10 days. Paper is 8.5 x 4.25 inches. Only 1/2 inch at left and right are stickers, to put in the back glass.

There is another Temporary type - "Spy" Temporary - Mecanic.


Used on moving A to B until SAAQ plates it and sell to the Locator or Owner. Quebec province only. Similar sticker as Temporary.

Josué Miller - 1 Apr ’22