Puerto Rico License Plates

All bases dating back to 73/74 are still valid.

Coqui was AAA-AKZ, with a border added at ADE. Low reported as ABY-413.

High for the Isla Del Encanto base is EDY-973.

Windshield stickers have been used since 06/91 expirations. Many old bases still have expired faded black/green 89-90 stickers displayed. Only plates issued between 06/89 and 05/90 have month and 90 or 91 stickers, surely faded to pure white by now. Apparently the switch to windshield stickers was prompted by how quickly the white/red month stickers faded under the hot Puerto Rican sun. Renewals of the 89-90 sticker never received month and year stickers -- they went directly to a pink/white windshield sticker that would be punched for an expiration between 06/91 and 05/92. Our thanks to Bernard Bandelier and Jeff Ellis for this information!

Standard Passenger Plates

2023 Series new

KKZ 959
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Sebastian - 19 Jun ’24

1986 Series

HEN 623
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We reported that the F series was not used for the Isla Del Encanto since it was used for the Cincuentenario issue, but Matt Embro reports seeing a photo clearly showing an Isla del Encanto plate in the F series (FMT 257) in use on a car.

The HEL series was also issued.

There was a die change for this series starting at CSH-375 to DDN-374 approximately.

Alexis Valentin - 8 Nov ’15

2002 Series

FLM 435
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Cincuentenario Edition: Apparently from FCY-001 to FLM-500

Dark Phoenix - 30 Aug ’21

2008 Series

KEC 180
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This is a new flat graphic Isla Del Encanto regular issue. Low for this type is HEO-001. This new series has a line divider after the letters, which was run approximately until HJA series.

Puerto Rico is also issuing "Euro" style plates for an additional charge to vehicles that can use them. They started in the IAA series and runs to IAJ series. (IAA-001 to IAJ-999)

Low: IAA 243

High: IAJ 445

There was a plate design used with La fortaleza Background with green and White Stripes with the Slogan "Puerto Rico Does it Better" From HWD-001 to IEI-999.

Low: HWG 650

High: IEI 434

Mayaguez 2010 license plate series run approximately from HRS-001 to HVZ-999. HWA-HWC series were skipped

Low: HRS 129

High: HVZ 507

There was also a special edition for the San Juan Estuario series, which ran from IAK-001 to IAN-999

Low: IAK 117

High: IAM 458

Victor ramirez - 1 Dec ’23

Non-passenger Plates

Baja Velocidad

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Low speed vehicle (golf cart)

Dark Phoenix - 29 Aug ’21


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Seen in Canóvanas

Truck. This series went flat on the 862-nnn series approximately. Embossed letters with different font from 601-000 to approximately 625-499.

Sebastian - 15 Jun ’24


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School Bus

Spotted in San German, PR

Dark Phoenix - 17 Apr ’24


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Spotted in Bayamon, PR

Government-owned, found on police cars

Dark Phoenix - 19 Apr ’24

Excursion Turistica

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Omnibus - vehicles transporting tourists

0008ET reported as a low

Michael Smith - 20 Dec ’23

Limosina Turistica

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Tourist Limousine

Willie C. Brock, Jr. - 31 May ’14


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Spotted in Mayaguez, PR

Municipal Government

Dark Phoenix - 19 Apr ’24


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The new series has the format 12345TC, which is a black on white with red or purple stripe on the bottom.

Low: 00145TC

High: 02983TC

The black on yellow series was replaced with a new series.

Black on Yellow plates:

Low: 57203-P

High: 70507-P

Alexis Valentin - 5 Dec ’15

Taxi Turistico

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0010TT reported as a low

Alexis Valentin - 5 Dec ’15

Military Veteran Plates


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Spotted in Mayaguez, PR

Dark Phoenix - 24 Apr ’24