Prince Edward Island License Plates

Andrew Osborne reports PEI is now using ensure images and barcodes on its plates: the latter include the plate number. In response to compaints from motorcycle owners, cycle plates are now being made about one inch shorter in height and width. Also, a new 12A3 format has been introduced to avoid running out of letter combinations (the former format was 123A, issued concurrently with A123). Officials were also concerned about running out of passenger plate combinations because the current AB 123 layout has been used since the Anne of Green Gables base appeared in the early 1990s, so passenger plates are being switched to a 123 AB configuration. Some of AA series was issued this spring when the new order was received at the warehouse, but for the most part these new plates have only been issued since early autumn. Numbering now starts at 000 and plates 000 AA and 001 AA were highly sought-after. In typical Island fashion, a deliberate attempt has been made to randomize issuance and the plates from the EF series are now coming out.


13 - red on white

14 - white on blue

15 - black on gold

Standard Passenger Plates

2013 Birthplace of Confederation

C7 56G
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This is the new general issue "Birthplace of Confederation" base that was first issued on September 20, 2013. The passenger plates are in 12 3AA format with the first two numeric characters separated from the third numeric and the two alpha characters by the provincial coat of arms.

French: 90 3JA

As was the case for the previous - Wind Turbine - base, the Jx series seems to be reserved for French-language plates. These have the name of the province in French - Île-du-Prince-Édouard - as well as the French slogan "Berceau de la Confédération" at the bottom.

Conrad Hughson recently visited PEI and reports seeing the new standard bases in the KA-KZ, LA-LZ, MA-MZ, NA-NZ, PA-PZ, QA-QZ and RA-RZ series. This appears to have been the initial block of combinations issued during the general re-issue that is now very close to complete.

Andru Tommoiu - 11 Jul ’22

Birthplace of Confederation

K# ###
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Order of issue: WA to WW; NA to NG; VH ? VJ ? VK ? VM ? VP - VW only.

Adriaan Bergink - 22 Aug ’06

Confederation Bridge

RG 195
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Order of issue: Z; XA and XB only; Y; R and U concurrently; VA to VG; VR to VZ and XD to XJ concurrently.

R series high - RV 555

DAA - 21 Jan ’08

Wind Turbine - English

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Began in 2007.

N series from NH to NZ (excluding NO) in use.

The letter I is now being used.

N series low - NH 347

N series high - NZ 687

RW to RZ also in use.

R series high - RZ 499

Some T series plates are in use, but there were overlap problems with "Anne" plates still in use. TA was used, but TB through TE were not used, probably due to overlaps, and TF through TS have been issued. Letters I and O were used in the T series.

T series low - TF 940

T series high - TS nnn

Trying to determine a high for these plates is impossible because the N, T, and X series are being issued concurrently.

Stéphane reported seeing only one X series plate on the Turbine base, which was XT 050. Andrew spotted the following X series: XL, XM, XO, XR, XS, XU, XY.

Andrew reports XN 927 as a new issue on a rental car in May 2010.

Fall 2010: new format, 123 AB, with barcode and holographic image. Some of the AA series was issued earlier this year and now, a deliberate attempt has been made to randomize issuance. As of October 8, the reversed EF series was being issued. Flag and sticker box have switched positions.

Stéphane Loysel reports 091 BK on 2013-07-30. Is that a high? Who can tell???

Ernie MacAulay - 24 Jul ’11

Wind Turbine - French

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"La Province Verte" Began in 2008. Only the JA series has been ordered so far. Stéphane Loysel reports JA 027 as a low. Andrew saw JA 999, but it appears some numbers have been issued out of sequence by request.

DAA - 26 Feb ’08

Non-passenger Plates


C4 906
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2013 base

Letters "C/V" are stacked on the left.

Previous formats

Bridge: CM 934 2008-07-31 Stéphane Loysel

Turbine: CR 454 2008-08-02 Stéphane Loysel

Eric Bryden - 16 Jul ’22


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Danny K. - 6 Dec ’21


F5 099
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Bridge base

Andrew Osborne - 2 Apr ’13


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Turbine base

No space between numbers and letter G.

Ernie MacAulay - 1 Aug ’11


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2013 base

Eric Bryden - 16 Jul ’22

Motorcycle (Bridge)

E7 99
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Bridge: Issued originally in the 12 3M and then 12 3N format with spacing as shown, then 12 MA to 12 MZ with spacing as shown. Then the letter B was used in both prefix and suffix positions, then the letter C in only the suffix position. E was used in the prefix position. Some 2 letter S suffix plates are in use on mopeds, but these were originally intended to be snowmobile plates.

Turbine: 3 numbers/1 letter format with no spacing using the letters P, Q, R, and S to date.285S is the Turbine high.

As of fall 2010, cycle plates are one each shorter in height and width, have barcodes and holographic images, and are coming out in a new 12A3 format for the Turbine base. 97A3 was about to be issued at the main DMV office on October 8. 54E3 reported by Andrew Osborne on 2012-10-10. 52E7 reported by Andrew on 2013-04-02.

Eric Bryden - 16 Apr ’22

Motorcycle (Wind Turbine)

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Eric Bryden - 19 Apr ’22

Motorcycle Dealer

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Plate Finder Number One - 4 Aug ’09

Off Highway Vehicle

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Plate Finder Number One - 4 Aug ’09


P9 693PRP
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2013 base

Previous formats:

Bridge high: P3 093 2012-08-10 Jim Sadler

Turbine low: P3207

Turbine high: P3403

Stéphane Loysel - 29 Jul ’15

Service Vehicle

11 175
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Bridge: SV U71 2013-08-31 Sam Farley

Turbine: SVZ 99

Chris Martin - 23 Oct ’20


75T 52
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On the 2013 series, versions with the French slogan are prefixed with REM (remorque) instead of TLR.

The new plates with the flag and sticker box reversed have a new trailer format of 123 T 4.

Earlier types:

Bridge: nn nTI Letters I and O in use. KE4MAN reports 23 8TI on 2010-05-09.

Turbine: 947 TL Turbine low: 334 TJ

Spacing is as shown for both types.

Eric Bryden - 4 May ’22

Specialty Plates

Vintage Cruisers

V S64
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John Northup - 22 Aug ’07

Volunteer Firefighter

87 9FS
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This is on the 2013 base. It uses the same configuration, 12-3AB, as the passenger plates and is differentiated by the Maltese cross at the left.

Eric Bryden - 16 Jul ’22

Military Plates


VT9 948
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These plates became available 10 NOV 03 and started at VT1001.

Veteran Motorcycle: 109 VT 2012-08-31 Andrew Osborne

Motorcycle introduced March 2009.

Jim Sadler - 12 Jun ’19