Newfoundland and Labrador License Plates

The official name of Newfoundland, which has always included Labrador, has now been changed to Newfoundland and Labrador. The 2 letter mail designation for Newfoundland, which was NF, has been changed to NL to more accurately represent Newfoundland and Labrador.

Mike Franks reports that the letters I, Q, U, and Y have not been used since 1985, and are skipped with each configuration. The letter O, however, is still used.


11 - black on white

12 - black on gold

13 - black on green

14 - black on blue

15 - black on magenta

Thanks to <a href="">Jason DeCesare</a> for the font!

Standard Passenger Plates

2022 Series new

JTC 999
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As part of the Come Home Year 2022 celebrations, the Provincial Government has launched a commemorative Come Home Year licence plate. These plates will be placed on new vehicles purchased in the province in 2022.

Andre Tetu - 3 Jun ’23


HBC 999
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The Cabot base ended at HBC 999.

Eric Tanner - 30 Mar ’01


HMT 978
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Andrew Osborne reports that Irwin-Hodson manufactured Newfoundland plates in a completely redesigned base that is the third variety of the flag design. "Canada" has been removed from the plates and the new style began at HHA 001. The first batch of Veteran plates was made by Waldale, numbered HHB 001 through HHB 999. The HHB alpha was skipped in the Irwin-Hodson contract, as the contract started at HHA 001, and on up to HJG 999, skipping HHB plus a couple of other alphas because of certain letters they do not want to use. The bulk of Veteran plates are on the Irwin-Hodson contract, and are numbered HJL 001 to HJP 999, which is an extension of where the Irwin-Hodson made car plates will end. The bottom line is that there will be two varieties of passenger plates made by Irwin-Hodson, Commercial plates made by Waldale, Commercial plates appearing on cars, and two varieties of Veteran plates on the road. The HLx series is a continuation of the HHx and HJx type from Irwin-Hodson.

The current high has Waldale dies.

The Flag plate ended at HMT-999.

The letter U is omitted.

Andrew Osborne - 20 Jun ’09

Pitcher Plant new

JPX 873
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Newest base started April 2007 at HMV 001.

Since the letter I is not used, the series will advance from HZZ to JAA.

Andre Tetu - 3 Jun ’23

World of Difference - Passenger

HEL 444
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Series ended at HEP-999.

Adriaan Bergink - 17 May ’03

Non-passenger Plates


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Now on Pitcher Plant base.

Jason Oxford - 12 Apr ’22


VJK 444
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New black on white series

Andre Tetu - 20 May ’23


BAJ 972
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Seen in St. John's

Pitcher Plant base

The BPx series is appearing on small buses, transit buses and huge Greyhound-type buses. It may be the new general continuation of the BAx series

Andre Tetu - 6 Oct ’21

Commercial new

CG8 207
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Issued in pairs.

New Commercial Blue letters with pitcher plant plate started at COT 001.

Justin Somerton notes that there is a CRx series for some types of heavy equipment, but it does not apply to normal trucks.

Mike Franks reports CPP 010 issued out of sequence. He says COx plates are still being issued.

Andre Tetu - 3 Jun ’23

Construction Equipment

XAX 419
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Spotted in St. John's

Seen on everything from road graders, front end loaders to small tractors, etc.

Pitcher Plant in use by at least XAL 240

Andre Tetu - 16 Nov ’22


CRB 106
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Andre Tetu - 30 Mar ’23


DAW 738
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DAS series Dealers were on the World of Difference base. The current high is on the Flag 3 base by Irwin-Hodson, the same as Passenger from HHA and on.

Pitcher Plant started in DAV series.

Andre Tetu - 27 Jun ’22

Disabled Bus

BPD 393
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Spotted in St. John's

For use on vehicles with wheelchair lifts, mainly buses.

BPB has newer flag dies from Waldale/ Type 1

Jonathan Seaward - 17 Mar ’23


EAD 681
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Emergency Vechicles - seen mostly on Ambulances, as Fire and Police use various bases of the G or Government Plate depending on if they are Provincial, Federal of Municipal funded.

Andre Tetu - 16 Nov ’22

Farm Equipment

FEC 740
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FE Designates Farm Equipment. Series started at FEA and it has taken 25 years to reach FEB. Flag plate with red characters.

Andre Tetu - 8 Sep ’22

Farm Truck

FTC 322
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From Mike Franks: FTB series is being re-issued on the pitcher Plant base. Original run of farm truck plates was FTA-001 to FTB-999 on 1982 base, issued from 1982 to approx. 1995. FTB-494 was observed on a 1995 pickup in summer 2005. 2012 plate order from the province re-ordered the FTB series on the Pitcher Plant base.

Andre Tetu - 8 Sep ’21


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New type; some with 08 stickers so they go back at least that far. Blue on white with typical Firefighter crest

Andre Tetu - 29 Apr ’23

Government, Federal

GFM 050
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Jason Oxford - 5 Feb ’22

Government, Municipal

GMN 944
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Andre Tetu - 23 Jan ’23

Government, Provincial

GPR 110
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Jonathan Seaward - 24 Mar ’23


MEO 036
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New Pitcher Plant base. PP base started in the MDF series.

High for the previous red on white base - MDE 945

Mike Franks says the new size starts at MDT.

Will Mirabo - 6 Sep ’21


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Pitcher Plant base. This base apparently started at PRZ 001 since the letter Y is not used. Plates were issued through PRZ, and then started over at PRA on the Pitcher Plant base.

Flag base started in PRX series. Manny Jacob reports PRX 620 on the flag base with Haiti dies. PRW 727 reported as a high on the World of Difference base.

For prorated vehicles commercially registered for operation with other provinces, mostly transport trucks and some tourist buses.

Andre Tetu - 20 May ’23

Snow Vehicle

SMJ 398
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Red on white reflective decal affixed to cowling 4"x7" in size. Very similar to those used in Ontario.

Andre Tetu - 13 Dec ’22


TXP 690
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Pitcher plant base

Andre Tetu - 18 May ’23


TMH 314
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Many Trailer combinations were skipped, so they are now being issued after the original run reached TZZ 999. They started over at TEV.

Manny Jacob reports TZT 004 on the Pitcher Plant base.

World of Difference Ship base TDF 001 to TDR 999; TDZ 001 to TET 999 Cabot Base TDS 001 to TDX 999 Flag base (2001) - type 1 (name on bottom) - TVT 001 to TVV 999 Flag base (2002) type 2 (Astrographics dies) - TVW 001 to TWE 999 Flag base (2003) - type 3 Irwin Hodson Dies - TWF 001 to TWZ 999, TZA 001 to TZC 999 Pitcher Plant base TZD 001 to TZZ 999, restart at TEV 001 where World of Difference plate ended

Chris Martin - 22 May ’23


WAE 592
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Jason Oxford - 7 Apr ’22

Military Veteran Plates

Veteran new

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HHB and HJM, and HJP were taken from the regular Passenger series to be used for Veteran plates. High for this series: HJP 873

On August 7th 2015, the Government of Newfoundland & Labrador announced a new series dedicated to veterans. Featuring a poppy on the left side and the Canadian flag and the word "VETERAN" at the top, the new series will start at V0001. All applicants must me approved by a local NL branch of the Royal Canadian Legion to obtain the Veteran licence plate. First plate presented by premier Paul Davis to Royal Canadian Legion Provincial Command First Vice President Frank Sullivan on August 7, 2015.

Andre Tetu - 3 Jun ’23

Veteran Motorcycle

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Jason Oxford - 14 May ’22