North Dakota License Plates

Allison Hoff advises that the 2012 expiration tags have a new design this year - "2012" running vertically on the left side, with the month of expiration in large numbers next to it.


11 - black on blue

12 - black on yellow

13 - black on red

14 - black on blue

15 - black on yellow

Standard Passenger Plates

2015 Series

241 EHN
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Began issuance on November 11, 2015. This new flat plate is replacing the embossed Buffalo plate that has been in use since 1993.

Low: nnn AAF 2015-11-30 Allison Hoff

All Buffalo and Lewis and Clark plates are to be replaced with the Sunrise plate by June 30, 2017. This new base is using a new 000 AAA format, despite only being to KRE on the Buffalo series. North Dakota has switched to 3M flat plates for the new Sunrise base, which may have had something to do with the change. The old AAA 000 format had been in use since 1980.

Johnathan Baker - 25 Apr ’24

1993 Series

KRZ 512
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Began in 1993.

North Dakota uses I and O in the middle position only, but an exception was made for the GKI, GLI, GMI and GNI series for some reason. The HLx series seems to have been skipped. No Ixx series was issued, so the current base went from HZZ to JAA.

Guy Peterson spotted an out of sequence issue in the KLM series.

Andy DeCeunynck reports seeing KHC-KHF and one KHK but nothing yet between KHK and KHT. Also, the KF- plates were likely skipped.

Andrew Osborne - 21 Dec ’15

Non-passenger Plates


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Wheelchair symbol before the numbers. Staff - 10 Dec ’19

Farm Truck

Report a new high History Staff - 19 Aug ’19


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Original series had an M prefix, now issuing with M suffix. Motorcycle plates are now graphic.

Kyle Wasson - 6 May ’20

PRP Truck

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Same graphic design as Pass. PRP is stack on left followed by 5 digit number.

Andrew Osborne - 16 Nov ’23


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New base

1993 base high: T 379553 2015-07-01 Andrew Osborne

Andrew Osborne - 21 Dec ’23

Specialty Plates

Lewis & Clark

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From Jake Bechtold: According to the ND DOT, this plate has been discontinued as of June 30, 2015. They are still valid, however, until replaced by the new standard Sunrise plate. This transition should be complete by June 30, 2017.

Donald Schoderbek - 27 Jul ’15

Patriotic Series

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Three varieties are available, all of which apparently share a common serial range. Illustrated here is the Boonie Stomper, which went on sale in October 2016. Other varieties include an American flag and a Bald Eagle. These debuted in July 2017. The fee is $25 over normal registration costs, of which $15 goes to the North Dakota Veterans Post War Trust Fund.

Military Veteran Plates

Disabled American Veteran

48 DAV
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New base: wheelchair graphic to left of plate number.

The last issue changed to the regular handicapped base instead of the old red/white/blue base.

Andrew Osborne - 2 Jan ’16

Purple Heart

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Martin Houle - 17 Aug ’14