Kansas License Plates

As noted in the news section of this site, the scheduled replacement of plates in Kansas has been temporarily set aside for economic reasons, so many motorists with the previous base have been issued new stickers to extend their usage indefinitely. Tom Allen reports capital bases are being renewed for 2014 expirations.

Until 2009, Kansas has allowed vanities to be duplicated between counties. Since Kansas has 105 counties, it has been possible for 105 different people to have any given vanity plate. The reason this could be done is that the two-letter county designation sticker on the plate is actually part of the registration, so a person who lives in Shawnee County who has "BOB" on his plate would actually have SN BOB on his registration, yet his plate would look identical to the "BOB" plates in any other county except for the small SN county sticker. Starting in 2010, Kansas will no longer allow these duplications. Only one vanity plate with any given combination will be allowed in the whole state. In every case where duplications already exist, the person who had that combination the longest will be allowed to keep it.


11 - black on red

12 - black on green

13 - black on yellow

14 - black on orange

15 - black on blue

16 - black on green

Standard Passenger Plates

2007 Series new

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This base began in April, 2007. It was intended to replace the previous base, which began in January, 2001, but plans were changed and both bases remain valid.

026 AAA - low from Jarrett Kitch

Series format changed to 0000ABB on Sept. 8, 2023.

Patient First - 19 May ’24

2001 Series

XWB 016
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This base began in January, 2001, replacing the previous base by the end of that year. Although the 2007 base was originally intended to replace it, the 2001 base is still being revalidated.

The current base seems to have started at PBA 000.

Alex Burbidge - 15 May ’23

2024 Series

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This design, chosen by an online vote during November-December 2023, debuted in January, 2024, replacing the former series upon renewal.

Liam Madey - 25 Apr ’24

Non-passenger Plates


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Seen in Great Bend

Now flat

Victor ramirez - 14 Mar ’24


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Victor ramirez - 26 Oct ’23


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New format for motorcycle plates. It seems they may increase from the left.

Matt Reeves - 12 Apr ’24


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Bautista - 20 Jan ’24

Sixty-Day Tag

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Seen in Great Bend

Victor ramirez - 16 Mar ’24

Specialty Plates

Collegiate Series

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Nine schools are currently participating. We show the KU plate here as an example, but all nine institutions draw from the same series. Garrison Stowell reports that the numbers are moving much quicker now with all of the standard embossed plates being replaced

Garrison Stowell - 26 Mar ’24

Military Veteran Plates


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Formerly all numeric in a 5 digit format on the previous base.

Matt Reeves - 4 May ’24

Inactive Series (retired)

Passenger - blue/yellow wheat

SVC 392
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Evan Couture - 5 Mar ’23