Georgia License Plates

Several new optional plates are issued with 2 letter prefixes. Among them are:

BC - Fight Breast Cancer

BQ - Wildlife Deer/Quail

BW - Wildlife Deer/Quail

CF - Firefighter

CV - Sons of Confederate Veterans

DC - Animal Friendly

DV - Disabled Veteran

ED - Support Education

EM - Emory University

GA - University of Georgia

GL - Spay & Neuter

GT - Georgia Tech

HA - Hobby/Antique

HU - Hummingbird

MR - Morehouse College


NT - National Guard

RT- University of Alabama

TU - Trout Unlimited

TZ - Auburn University

UF- University of Florida

VF - Vietnam Veteran - Air Force

VG - Vietnam Veteran - Coast Guard

VM - Vietnam Veteran - Marines

VV - Vietnam Veteran - Navy

VY - Vietnam Veteran - Army

WC - Wildflower 2

WF - Wildflower 1

WV - Purple Heart

WX - Wildlife

Truck plates:

Px - Private Truck (weight printed vertically at left) The second letter designates weight class. Also, Hx for Hire Truck and Jx for Commercial Truck. E and F are for Forest Products trucks.

Bus plates:

L series

From Ben Bunton, here is the progression for all special issues:

PP1 - PP9 (where PP is whatever prefix for that type)

PP10 - PP99

PP100 - PP999

PP1000 - PP9999

PP001A - PP999Z

PP00A1 - PP99Z9

PP0A01 - PP9Z99

PP01AA - PP99ZZ - This was the end of the line, where Wildlife (Eagle) changed prefix in this order: WL, WI, WD, WX. Then, beginning with Handicap, and now spread to Antique, Wildlife (Quail), and presumably all others:


Bradley Gallagher reports that Georgia's optional issues are going to a new plain black/white base. Debossed sticker boxes are gradually being phased out on all GA types for both the validation sticker and county sticker.


11 - white on light blue

12 - white on orange

13 - white on magenta

14 - black on white

15 - white on orange

Standard Passenger Plates

2012 Series

Report a new high History

First available to new registrants May 7, 2012.  County name may be covered with optional "In God We Trust" sticker. The letter O is being used in the center alpha position, and it is different than the zero. P series low:  PAA1482  unknown Co.  2014-05-20  Jason Taylor P series high:  PZZ3812  Troup Co.  2014-07-27  Derreck Cole (See explanation for P series below) The P series has rolled over into the Q series in both the full graphic and the alternate design. Q series high:  QBK8355  unknown Co.  2015-12-29  Derreck Cole More from Derreck:  About the end of the PV series some plates showed up using PZZ. Not sure if some plates are reserved for the alternate P series? It looks like there has been a continuation of the series.  PWL6116 was spotted in Gwinnett Co. and PWR1316 was spotted in Cherokee Co.  PXM was spotted in Columbia Co. Notes from Joshua Jobe: I have observed several CADxxxx plates of the new design that are lower than serials observed on the old embossed base.  I don't know whether the state had blocks of plates manufactured on the old base that they never issued and remade those on the new base, or if the CAQ vicinity plates were made out of sequence.  Regardless, it will be interesting to see if the P-series plates were among the first made, and after that supply is extinguished, if the numbers continue on from CARxxxx and up.  Why they jumped all the way to PAA instead of just to DAA is beyond me.  Note on that CADxxxx plate that the renewal sticker has modified type with smaller county name and larger plate serial and month name printed on the sticker.  Finally, also note that the county name on the new flat plates is printed in the same manner as the serial.  Only the "In God We Trust" legend is applied as a sticker.  The county tag agents must love not having to stick a county sticker on every single plate now. Notes from ALPCA 8615:  CASxxxx has been observed. P-series plates were a temporary place-holder. Unissued white-base plates were recalled and returned numbers were produced by 3M (i.e. CAD, CAE series). The "proper" highs should now revert to C-series plates. (technically all CAD, CAE, etc. are higher than any P-series since they were produced after.) It is mixed up now because 3M is probably mailing out P-series, while county tag offices are issuing C-series directly. Full-graphic plates are automatically replacing all 1998 "on my mind" bases (mailed-in renewals only). Large county-name stickers are direct mailed plates from 3M; smaller county-name stickers are issued through the county tag office - it is the difference in printers. Derreck Cole confirms CAS, CAT, CAU, and CAV.  He also confirms POA, POB, and POC, but nothing after until PPA.  Derreck Cole reports CBI9021 on 2013-10-08.

Lev - 30 Dec ’23

2012 PQRST Series

Report a new high History

After the TG* series, Georgia started issuing the S series again.

Logan Sewell - 25 Apr ’24

2012 Series (alternate design)

Report a new high History

This base began in May, 2012.

Began in P series. Similar to standard design, P-series is temporary. Derreck Cole reports that the PIG series was issued on this type.

P/Q series high: QFF5160 Monroe Co. 2015-12-21 Jason Taylor

Note: The P series only went as high as PLZ, then rolled over to QAA.

C series is now appearing. Numbering sequence will leapfrog with standard "peachtree" design.

Derreck Cole - 12 May ’24

2006 Series

Report a new high History

Our high was BGP 8998, then BVE 3109 popped up from Muscogee Co. No reason is known for the big jump. Derreck Cole reports BVD 2400 as the starting point for the big jump.

Pre-jump high - BVA nnnn Forsyth Co.

This is on the newer plain white updated base. These plates do not have the gray fade of the previous type, nor do they have a month sticker well. The peach is still on the plate.

Andy Johnston - 13 Feb ’24

2004 Series

Report a new high History

The high in the original format with the gray fade and month sticker box was probably in the AUx series. Most of the AVx series had the gray fade, but no month sticker box, although the small black dash that was in the box remained. Most of the AWx series is on the new base.

The new 2004 issue was originally intended to be a general reissue, but the state has since decided to issue new plates only to new registrants because of budget limitations. Current registrants will simply receive a new sticker for their existing plate. The letters I, Q, U, and V are now being used on standard passenger issues. The AQV series was reported by Bradley Gallagher.

Michael Kustermann reports a low of AAA 0002.

As with some other states, Georgia switched back and forth between the new and old style several times. The main change point seems to be around the AVN series.

AVP, AVQ, AVS - new base

AVT, AVX - both types

AVU, AVV, AVW, AVY, AVZ - old base

Ben Bunton reported the early AWB series in the older style with the gray fade through AWB 1750, and AWB 5020 without the www.

Bradley Gallagher gives us this view of the current base:

AAA to ~AUP made in advance and issued in random order

~AUQ to mid-BGP issued in order


now mid-BGP and up

Observations from Wally Punzmann:

Passenger old gray fade base -

High with lower left month sticker well - AUP 3621

Low without lower left month sticker well - AUQ

Passenger New base -

High with county sticker well - BFY 1819

Low without county sticker well - BGB 0665

Joey Hurd reports AAA 2567 still in use as of 2013-04-14.

Andy Johnston - 1 Mar ’24

2001 Series (4/3)

5583 AWT
Report a new high History

The Uxx series was skipped. The letters Q, U, and V, normally not used, started to appear with in the XAA series. After 999 ZZZ, 1001 AAA began the new series. The letters I, O, Q, U, and V are not used on the 7 character plates. Bradley Gallagher reports that some AJC series plates were reserved for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, but many others were regular issues. Also, several ASU series plates have been reported by Bradley, which marks the first use of the letter U on the 7 character plates, however, no ATU series plates have been reported, and the AUx and AVx series were skipped. It appears that the letter U has not been introduced into the numbering system, so the ASU series may could have been a production error. The letters I, O, Q, and V are still not used.

Scott Broady - 13 Mar ’05

1998 sseries (5/2)

49945 QG
Report a new high History

Ben Bunton - 2 Jul ’01

Non-passenger Plates

Alternative Fueled Vehicle

Report a new high History

Optional issue for Hybrids and other alternative fueled vehicle to drive in HOV lanes. On the new base, seems to have switched to HF prefix with odd single leading 0 (usually no leading 0s [HF63] or all leading 0s [HF0063]) because new Atlanta Falcons type started using AF prefix. However, HF is already prefix for Truck For-Hire 26k-30k lbs)

Bobby Fergione - 19 Jan ’23

Dealer - New

Report a new high History

Formerly "NEW CAR DEALER." New base version has been modified to read "NEW VEHICLE DEALER." Transition between the old base and new base occurred between DL3231B and DL7438B.

Ben Bunton - 25 Apr ’14

Dealer - Used

Report a new high History

Formerly "USED CAR DEALER." New base version has been modified to read "USED VEHICLE DEALER." Transition from old to new base occurred between DL 70C44 and DL 34D86.

Now there is a new design, now flat. 3-letter 3-number, no space in between.

Lev - 8 Nov ’22

Dealer - Wholesale

Report a new high History

White on blue

Transition from old to new base occurred between UW 1583 and UW 3623.

Bradley Gallagher - 29 Nov ’11


Report a new high History

unknown Co.

After the DP00AA format was exhausted, the series continued in the DP0AAA format, a departure from the pattern of all other GA specialty plates (for which 00AA is the final format for a particular prefix). After DP9ZZZ, the series issue is now DP0AA1. This plate has changed to the black/white base (no gray fade, no www, just and DISABLED PERSON screened where the county name usually appears. After DP9ZZ9, changed to PD prefix starting at PD0001.

It seems that these plates started using county stickers again during the DP0AA0 series, or possibly during the late DP0AAA series, rather than the "DISABLED PERSON" legend that had been introduced between DP1SAY and DP2SHK.

New screened Handicap plates are now appearing in 2013. They have the blue standard disabled icon on the left and then a six-character serial that appears to be random.

Note: The latest information is that the V series is for Disabled Veteran, not standard Handicapped. (See Disabled Veteran in the Specialty section.)

J - 12 Sep ’22


Report a new high History

HT series plates are given to car distributors denoted by caption where county usually is. Black on tan. Transition from old to new base occurred between HT 1903A and HT 2756A.

Kyle Wasson - 3 Feb ’19


Report a new high History

Now flat on the 2012 alternate design.

Tyler Elg - 9 Sep ’23

Hobby Antique

Report a new high History

Like handicapped series, another departure from going to a new prefix after HA99ZZ. Went over to HA0AAA instead.

All HA8xxx plates on the new base were to have been discontinued because of complaints that "HA8" (hate) is offensive, but some are still showing up.

Gray fade base high: HA6IIM

Black on white base low: HA1KBD

Ryan - 13 Apr ’22


Report a new high History

On new base

Transition from old to new base occurred between DF 0163A and DF 1812A.

Bradley Gallagher - 22 Sep ’08


Report a new high History

Motorcycle went through CY9 ZZZ, then CY9 ZZ9, and then switched to YC just like disabled person did.

Single sticker well restored at some point between CY6 UW1 and YC6 368.

J - 6 Jan ’22

Permanent Trailer

Report a new high History

Has been issued for decades in LE 00000 format. Rolled over to 0000A and so on series, following pattern set by other current series plate types.

Finally on the base, retiring the all-embossed 1990 base. Screened PERM and TRAILER vertically before serial, which no longer has a space.

Transition from old to new base occurred between LE 0001D and LE0345E, although older plates may be remade on the new base.

Martin Houle - 18 Dec ’23

Private Truck

Report a new high History

Transition from old to new base occurred between JN13V1 and JN99W9.

Between JN1A21 and JN8E01, the serial was shifted to the left, centering it more on the plate as on Apportioned types.

Chris Martin - 13 Jan ’21


Report a new high History

Brett Weisbrot - 9 May ’23


Report a new high History


Gwinnett Co.

Newest base had TR prefix followed by numbers with no spacing, but is now using the 3/3 format.

Previous base info:

Transition from old to new base occurred between TL 00P01 and TL 21Y67.

Change to current generic white base occurred between TL 9MJ54 and TL 0NV58.

Earlier series high: TL 2SC99 2014-07-28 Ben Bunton

Kyle Wasson - 2 Sep ’22

Specialty Plates

Animal Friend

Report a new high History

This type was introduced around 2003. Still on old base. Transition from old to new base occurred between DC8M41 DC2N02.

Bradley Gallagher - 9 Oct ’12


Report a new high History

unknown Co.

On the new plain white base. Firefighter shield with helmet, ladder, and axe on left side, county sticker well. Transition from old to new base occurred between CF862B and CF368C.

John - 24 Nov ’21

Georgia Tech

Report a new high History

Transition from old to new base occurred between GT576D and GT107E.

J - 3 Jun ’22


Report a new high History

New issue as of 1/2/06. Slogan: Give Wildlife a Chance

HU00AA series followed HU0A00 series. Still on gray fade base.

John - 23 Nov ’21

Morehouse College

Report a new high History

Transition to new base occurred between MR1157 and MR1287.

Jordan Irazabal - 22 Oct ’10


Report a new high History

A general NASCAR plate and designs for 27 drivers each use the same numbering format. These plates are flat and use the serial font Mississippi uses on its special plates.

Jacco Hoekstra - 21 Sep ’18

Spay & Neuter

Report a new high History

Still on the old base.

The fifth-most popular GA optional issue.

This is a new type for spay/neuter with a picture of a Golden Retriever - nicknamed "Buddy", with "SPAY AND NEUTER" in red type below the dog - released 2/1/06

David Wilson reports a Cat version of this plate with CT4018 on 2010-09-04.

John - 21 Nov ’21

Support Education / Educator

Report a new high History

"Support Education" printed in county sticker box, with educators given "Educator" stickers to place over this legend. High on old base - ED81V9 Low on new base - ED55W6

Derreck Cole - 31 Mar ’13

University of Florida

Report a new high History

From Brian Katz: Now being issued on the new stock....University of Florida no longer across the bottom of the plate - now replaced with "The Gator Nation". Appears all specialty tags are now being issued by the state from the central office and generated as ordered...meaning the "XXX" portion of "XXX NNN" can be issued on any of the bases.

Earlier type: Gators logo on left side and "University of Florida" captioned. This type originally featured blue serials and state name, a marked departure from the normal black, particularly for the screened state name. These plates now use the normal black for both features.

Brian Katz - 6 Nov ’14

University of Georgia

Report a new high History

New plain black/white base in use.

New design started with UGA, then UGB, then UGC prefix. Then went into leapfrog with other specialties.

Previous base info:

Transition from old to new base occurred between GA15W2 and GA30W7.

Previous base high: GA92LA 2013-09-10 Ben Bunton

Jake Walker - 23 Nov ’22

Wildflower 1

Report a new high History

This is the original Wildflower plate with the black-eyed susan. It is still being issued.

Numbering system for all Wildflower and Wildlife plates is as follows: P=prefix; PPn, PPnn, PPnnn, PPnnnn, PPnnnl, PPnnln, PPnlnn, PPnnll. After PP99ZZ, a new prefix begins: for Eagle WL, WI. WD, WX; Deer, BW BQ.

Bradley Gallagher - 3 Jan ’09

Wildflower 2

Report a new high History

This is the new Wildflower issue on the plain white base with a purple coneflower.

Ben Bunton - 10 Jun ’12

Wildlife (1998)

Report a new high History

This series ("Wildlife 2") was replaced by "Wildlife 3" (below) with replacements starting in 12/03 and completed in 12/04.

Ben Bunton reports that Wildlife plates began in this new sequence after 9AZ99 was reached in the former sequence because the "Spirit of Champions" optional issue began at 1BA01. Bradley Gallagher reports that the original Wildlife plates were issued in the B, C, J, and M blocks, but only early and late J series plates (JA, JX, JY and JZ) have been confirmed.

Bradley Gallagher - 17 Jun ’03

Wildlife (2004)

Report a new high History

This is the new "Give Wildlife A Chance" with an eagle on the new 2004 base. All of these plates start with WL, WI, WD, or WX, then various number/letter combinations. Still on the old base.

Bradley Gallagher - 5 Aug ’08

Wildlife (2008)

Report a new high History

Ben Bunton - 24 May ’13

Wildlife Deer/Quail (2002)

Report a new high History

This series ("Wildlife 3") replaced the 1998 series (aka "Wildlife 2") (above) with replacements starting in 12/02 and completed in 12/04.

This is the new alternative Wildlife design with a small deer in addition to the bird on the original style. The original Wildlife plate is still being issued. The newer Wildlife plate has been issued in the D, E, F, M, and now P series.

Bradley Gallagher - 9 Nov ’03

Wildlife Deer/Quail (2004)

Report a new high History

This is the new deer and quail graphic with a larger deer. The BQ series followed the original BW series. Went to BQ0AAA after BQ99ZZ, rather than new prefix like when went to BQ prefix after BW99ZZ.

Bradley Gallagher - 20 May ’08

Wildlife Deer/Quail (2008)

Report a new high History

The BW prefix refers to Bobwhite Quail. There is a controversy over this plate because proceeds from this plate are supporting quail hunting rather than "wildlife."

Low - BW0AA1

Ben Bunton - 19 Dec ’12

Wildlife Deer/Quail (2013)

Report a new high History

Brett Weisbrot - 21 Oct ’23

Military Veteran Plates

Disabled Veteran

Report a new high History

DV 000A series followed DV 0000 series. Now on the new base. This is one of about three Georgia types issued in pairs.

As with many Georgia specials, Disabled Veteran is now appearing in a new format. Bottom of plate reads "Disabled Veteran."

Owen Wilding - 19 Oct ’23

National Guard

Report a new high History

Transition from old to new base occurred between NT448A and NT343B.

Bradley Gallagher - 1 Mar ’09

Purple Heart

Report a new high History

On the new base

Transition from old to new base occurred between WV262A and WV702A.

Bradley Gallagher - 19 May ’09