Arizona License Plates

For more information about Arizona's latest alphanumeric mashup plate series, see the Arizona License Plate Unscrambler.

Standard Passenger Plates

2021 Series

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Seen in Phoenix

On February 1, 2021 the seven-character 2020 series was abandoned. Passenger combinations are now in the same format as Generic Specialty (6) (below). Going forward, combinations observed on passenger plates will be recorded here, while those observed on specialty plates will be recorded under Generic Specialty (6).

Victor ramirez - 3 May ’24

Non-passenger Plates

Alternative Fuel

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Eric Sivertsen reports that these plates are now hard to read because the blue font is close to the blue background.

Low flat: AF-12P2

High embossed: AF-62N6

Disability: A72 CAF

Dot separator high: AF·74R8

The current high was unspaced without a dash, as shown.

No space low: AF15S9

After AF99Z9, series presumably jumped to AF0A01

Victor H. - 29 Feb ’24

Alternative Fuel - Government

GE0 013
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Series began at GE0 001. This one is for government-owned and operated hybrid vehicles. Hybrid logo used in center as a separator.

Kevin Allen - 23 Feb ’16

Alternative Fuel - Hybrid

417 LN2
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Discontinued as of 5/16/2008. See notes below. This issue reached the 10,000 mark, which was the original projected cutoff point. 99L N77 is the reported embossed high under the original hybrid program.

Low for this type: 00L N02 Wally Punzmann 2013-05-01

The hybrid program has been revived and extended to an additional 2500 applicants. The new plates are of the same design but are now flat and in the 123 LN4 format.

Low for this type (flat): 000 LN4

New Type; on Alt. Fuel cloud base, Black on White Hybrid sticker centered between the letters.

From Eric Sivertsen:

Hybrid plates are now in a pilot program, not to exceed 10,000 plates, only for use on Honda Insight, Toyota Prius, and Honda Civic Hybrid. These hybrid plates will allow the drivers, even if alone, to use the HOV lanes in and around Phoenix.

Hybrid plates are also available with a Disability symbol added. They are on the same graphic base as Alt. Fuel plates with the clouds, but the wheelchair symbol takes the place of the first digit. Wally Punzmann reported 0L N01, which is the lowest possible for this type. The current high is 1L N76. This pilot program can be ended at any time with no notice, and users of this plate (should that happen) will be issued a new plate at no cost.

There is also a Government Alternative Fuel plate. See Government (below)

Wally Punzmann - 23 Feb ’16

Apportioned new

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Seen in Boston, MA

APPORTIONED silkscreened lower right, where GRAND CANYON STATE normally is. Progression: AA, then AB series, then AD and AE series. AC series used on kids plate, and AF was skipped. Now issuing the AG series.

Embossed high: AD-51932 2014-08-14 Paul Petrinovich

Low flat: AD-53569 2013-12-16 Paul Petrinovich

Patient First - 12 May ’24


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Series went from 3ZZ to 4ZA. Now flat. High embossed: 4ZP-992 Low flat: 4ZR-001

Wally Punzmann - 18 May ’21


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As of June 2020, Commercial plates use the Generic Specialty (7) format.

From Wally Punzmann: The commercial plates switched back and forth between embossed and flat over a long interval. Flats first appeared in the CF-20000's; lowest flat seen - CF-20703 CF-20000's - both embossed and flat CF-21000's - all embossed CF-22000's and CF-23000's - both embossed and flat CF-24000's through CF-31000's - all embossed; highest embossed seen - CF-31151 CF-32000's - all flat; lowest flat resumed - CF-32023, all higher plates are flat.

Clark Wothe - 24 Aug ’23


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Flat A new Dealer style appeared in April, 2014.   Flat, white on plain blue background, VEHICLE DEALER on the bottom. From Wally Punzmann:   The old graphic high is still DL-2E85, and it appears that the new blue started where the old graphic left off. It looks like they ran through the rest of the DL prefix numbers, then after DL9Z99 flipped to 0A01DL and up from there. Most of the letters in the DL prefix format have been spotted, including at least K, L, M, P, R, T, X, Y, and Z. DL prefix low: DL0K08 DL prefix high: DL9Z53 With the DL suffix, all the letters from A - H have been spotted, but none higher so far. DL suffix low: 1A29DL DL suffix high: current high The numbers were all over the place because they were all issued at once, and hit the streets in about a two week period, replacing all the old dealer plates. These plates are for all automobile dealer types, new and used, regardless of DL prefix or suffix. Sunset graphic high: DL-2E85 New Dealer Low (DL prefix): DLnKnn DL prefix High: DL3Z47 DL suffix Low: 1A29DL DL suffix high:  current high sighting

Victor ramirez - 26 Sep ’23

Dealer (Trailer)

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On new blue base with Vehicle Dealer at the bottom.

Wally Punzmann - 9 Oct ’19

Dealer - Transporter

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Embossed high: 4464-DT

Flat low: 5151-DT

Gary Fox - 20 May ’13


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Seen in New River

Embossed high: EBZ93

Flat low: ECA10

Walter Moneypenny - 27 Apr ’24

Farm Vehicle

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Embossed high: FV-05697

Flat low: FV-05737

A fairly rare type for Arizona. Eric Sivertsen reports seeing the first of this type, FV-00001.

Charles Cayron - 17 Jul ’22


G 159JW
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As of June 2020, Government plates use the Generic Specialty (7) format.

Previously, there were 3 varieties of flat government plates:

  1. Flat w/ dash separator
  2. Flat w/ space (no separator) (shown as No dot low & high)
  3. Flat w/ dot separator

Embossed high: G-955FG

Flat low: G-053FH

It appears the break between embossed and flat was 999FG/001FH.

Low dash: G-053FH

High dash: G-565FT

No dot low: G 002FV

No dot high: G 976GD

Dot low: G-597GE

Dot high: see current high listing

Wally Punzmann - 17 Mar ’22

Government - Alternative Fuel

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Still embossed

Government - Alternative Fuel (on the Alternative Fuel graphic)

Low: GA-00009

Avo - 8 Apr ’21

Hearing Impaired

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Flat, No space or dash, as shown

Walter Moneypenny - 30 May ’22

Historic Vehicle

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Historic Motorcycle: 87HM4 (First series was HM123, followed by 123HM, and 1HM23, now 12HM3)

Historic Vehicle - Disability: 5PV (has wheelchair logo between "Historic Vehicle" on left, and plate number on the right)

Historic Motorcycle Disability: 015H

Victor ramirez - 11 Feb ’24


Report a new high History


Probably went flat at MT-6800

Now on new blue base without a dash, Vehicle Dealer at the bottom, no longer using a PERM sticker.

Graphic high (with dash): MT-6993

New blue low (without dash): MT7727

Victor ramirez - 22 Mar ’24


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Very rare type; until recently was still white on maroon! OCT ARIZ. embossed on top, MOPED embossed on bottom.

Wally Punzmann - 3 Feb ’20


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Now flat.

High embossed is M/C B89Z.

Low flat is M/C C39A.

Change most likely occurred at M/C B99Z - M/C C01A.

After M/C ZZ9Z came M/C A1AA


M/C A1AA to M/C A9AA

M/C A1AB to M/C A9AB, etc. to M/C Z9ZZ

M/C 0A1A to M/C 9Z9Z

M/C A01A to M/C Z99Z

M/C AA01 to M/C ZZ99

M/C 001A to M/C 999Z

M/C 00A1 to M/C 99Z9

A001 M/C to Z999 M/C

0A01 M/C to 9Z99 M/C

00A1 M/C to 99Z9 M/C

0 M/C A1A to 9 M/C Z9Z

0 M/C 1AA to 9 M/C 9ZZ

AA M/C 1A to ZZ M/C 9Z

00 M/C 1A to 99 M/C 9Z

00 M/C A1 to 99 M/C Z9

A M/C 1A1 to A M/C 9Z9

A M/C AA1 to A M/C ZZ9

A M/C A1A and up

Zero is now being used for the first time since 1980.

State owned Motorcycle/ATV: 5777 S/A spotted by Willie C. Brock, Jr. on 2015-06-18. No stickers on State plates.

Manny Chan - 3 Mar ’24

Motorcycle - Dealer

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Now on new blue base like regular car dealers, Vehicle Dealer at the bottom, no longer using a PERM sticker.

High - for the old graphic motorcycle dealer; still embossed: M/D AXK8

Low - for the new blue motorcycle dealer: M/D BRT3

Victor ramirez - 30 Dec ’23

Motorcycle - Disabled

Report a new high History

Wheelchair symbol after the numbers. Now flat. The current high was seen on a golf cart in Sun City, a retirement community where golf carts outnumber cars. Golf carts are street legal there, but they must be registered. Most have Motorcycle plates, but some have Alternative Fuel plates.

Victor ramirez - 22 Jul ’23


Report a new high History

Has description of the vehicle, year, make and model as part of the tag, not written or stamped on. Number is computer printed on tag. Started at A000001 and went through A999999, then reversed and started over at 000001A through 999999A, then B000001 to B999999, then reversed in 000001B format, then C000001 through C999999, then reversed in 000001C format, after 999999C, flipped to D000001.

From Wally Punzmann: Before the Temporary D prefix series reached D10000, it appears the D prefix was discontinued and superseded by the A prefix series, starting at A000001. Contrary to what was previously reported, they are printed in the recently started narrow font, Oddly enough, the Temporary T series is still being printed in the older wide font. D prefix high: D09611.

Used for newly purchased vehicles, both new and used.

Other Temporary types:

Paper tags with 6 digits and "S" suffix. Originally started with S, but after reaching S990999 they now end with S.

S high: 999705S

Note: The S suffix series has progressed to the T prefix series.

T high: T736314

ZA and ZB prefix temporaries have also been seen.

Z high: ZB551477

These have a different font with long skinny numbers and letters. It is possible that this type is used for car rental companies. Legend is "90 Day IRP Allocated Plate" and this type has been seen on rental cars. RT62225 was also spotted in this type on a new rental car.

Also reported - 2W359D with "Service Arizona" (the online DMV) on top.

As if Arizona needs yet another type of Temporary, 9Z846D was reported.

283PD6 and 528XD4 were also reported. These are a 30 day with the plate type indicated in small type at the bottom.

77N2088 was reported as a 90 Day Non-Resident Temporary Permit.

Just how many Temporaries does Arizona need??? Maybe at least one more. Eric Sivertsen reports PU4440 as a 30 day General Use Temp. Permit. Wally Punzmann updates this type with D772X8.

Restricted Use 3-Day Permit: PZ99890

Now we have another type reported by Michael Smith. 4934 AAAA - Paper tag with MVD in top left corner. This # printed with this spacing in upper middle. Underneath is make model and year of vehicle.

Willie reports 8B08D2 on 2015-03-23. Another new type?

Kyle Wasson - 13 Apr ’24


Report a new high History


Embossed high: T-69844

Low flat: T-70008

U series skipped (U is not used)

X and Z series skipped

After Y-99999, the series advanced to 00001-N. After 99999-N, the series advanced to 00001-T. The highest T suffix plate reported has been 20747-T by Willie C. Brock, Jr. on 2012-10-09. For some reason unknown to us, Arizona then switched to the A suffix series, discontinuing the T suffix series.

Trailer Dealer: TR-4586 "Dealer" does not appear on the plate, but "PERM DLR" appears on the blue on white sticker used on the plate in the upper right. Still embossed.

Keith Foreman reports V33992 flat with no spacing on a semi-trailer.

Wally Punzmann - 23 Oct ’20

Trailer - small plate

Report a new high History

This is the smaller m/c size trailer plate. These plates usually have a white on black PERM sticker.

The order of issuance of these is uncertain, but here are the configurations that have been observed so far:

F12H3, 1FH23, 1F2H3, 12HF3, H12F3, 0H1F2, G12H3, D12A3, now 1A2D3 series. There is also a 1D2A3 series, and a 1D2E3 series. The latest configuration seen is 12AD3.

The FH appears to have been constant until one configuration with HF appeared. All of the FH and HF plates observed have been embossed. It also appears that GH is now being used in the G12H3 format, and it is undoubtedly the newest and current configuration since it is flat, although flat plates are now appearing in the 12HG3 configuration, which may be even newer. One such plate is known to have been issued in 12/09. H34G4 has been reported, so this may be the latest format.

Eric Sivertsen reports MVD figures showing 6,742 of these plates in use as of 10/31/08. Eric also reported 4G4H7, but we are uncertain as to where it fits in the mystery progression.

Feb. 2014 update: Trailer - small plate has a new format now; 4 numbers and an A suffix, followed by a B suffix.

Brady B. - 12 Jun ’21


Report a new high History


Flat low: XP14H8

Wally Punzmann spotted XP-A553 on a flat plate on 2015-06-14, but he doesn't know where it fits in.

Wally Punzmann - 5 Jan ’15

Truck - Tractor

Report a new high History

After 1TZ-999, resumed with 5TA-001 on up.

1TP series flat, 1TN series was embossed.

Embossed high: 1TN-882

Low flat: 1TP-001 (likely the first flat)

Although they began with 3TA with the 1973 base, the maroon base began by the 3TL series. Similar to the Bus/Taxi series, at 3TZ-999 the maroons moved on to 4TA-001 and proceeded up to 4TK-500. The graphic base began at 4TK-501 and ran to 4TZ-999. After that, they started with 1TA-001 and proceed upwards.

Wally Punzmann - 8 Jan ’21

Specialty Plates

Generic Specialty (5)

Report a new high History

In May 2020 most distinctive formats for specialty plates (e.g. "AG" for Agriculture, "AH" for Arizona Historical Society, "DB" for Diamondbacks, etc.) were abandoned. Thenceforth, all specialty designs drew from common alphanumeric series of 5, 6, or 7 characters.

Walter Moneypenny - 24 Mar ’24

Generic Specialty (6)

7CA 77S
Report a new high History

In May 2020 most distinctive formats for specialty plates (e.g. "AG" for Agriculture, "AH" for Arizona Historical Society, "DB" for Diamondbacks, etc.) were abandoned. Thenceforth, all specialty designs drew from common alphanumeric series of 5, 6, or 7 characters.

Fletcher G - 4 Feb ’24


Report a new high History

Seen in Apache Junction

Low: 0AG0010 spotted by Wally Punzmann 2013-01-25

Victor ramirez - 7 Apr ’24

Arizona Coyotes

Report a new high History

Low: CY0059

Brad Rex - 28 Jun ’21

Arizona Highways Magazine

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First available 2-2-2009.

Justin Beus saw and photographed the first of the series, 0AH0001.

Wally Punzmann saw the first of the disability series, 00AH01.

Disability high: 00AH72 2015-08-09 Brad Rex

Victor ramirez - 18 Jun ’23

Arizona Historical Society

Report a new high History

New special plate series available to general public as of 6/1/07.

Low: AH003 spotted by Gary Fox 2012-03-11

Disability: 01H6

Eric Sivertsen - 9 Apr ’23

Arizona State University

Report a new high History

Now flat

Embossed high: D8591

Flat Low: D8620

Began in A series. Justin Beus spotted A0003, which is our low. The owner told him he got it the day they came out.

After B9999, some early C plates were issued by mistake for ASU. The C series is used by Pet plates, but only about 150 C plates were issued for ASU and the MVD reports that none of them duplicate Pet plates. None have been recalled as yet. ASU plates jumped to the D series to avoid that overlap. Wally spotted C0094. Eric spotted C0087 and C0194. Justin spotted ASU plate C0202, and also Pets plate C0222, narrowing the overlap to about 20 plates.

ASU - Disability - a new type with a wheelchair logo followed by registration characters. High: BD9A reported by Willie C. Brock, Jr. on 2016-02-15.

Clark reports that a new design came out in Oct. 2010. The new design began at F0701. This type is still issued in pairs. F0701 was spotted by Justin Beus.

The high for the original type is F0642.

Victor ramirez - 24 Dec ’23

Boy Scouts

Report a new high History

Low: BY0009

Victor ramirez - 28 Oct ’23


Report a new high History

First available 1/31/2010. Arizona Cardinals


Upon reaching 99FB99, the series changed to 000FB0.

After 999FB9, it changed to 0FBA01. The format then changed from 9FBZ99 to FB0A01, and then 0000FB, then F0000B. Now issuing FB00A1.

Eric Sivertsen reports seeing 00FB51, which is the first plate of the series available to the public since the first 50 plates are reserved for VIPs of the organization. Ted Martin spotted 00FB02 and 00FB03 (the second and third plates issued) at a pre-season game in 2014.

Disability: 18FB3 2016-01-07 Willie C. Brock, Jr.

Disability low: 00FB1 (The lowest possible)

Walter Moneypenny - 8 Jun ’22


Report a new high History

Centennial plates went on sale Oct. 31, 2011. The specialty plate is only $25 with $17 of that benefiting the Arizona Centennial 2012 Foundation, a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization dedicated to education and recognition of Arizona's 100 Years, according to an Arizona Centennial Commission news release.

Original series: A0001Z - A9999Z Series has advanced to A0001C.

Centennial - Disability: A080Z Disability sign to the left of the numbers

Victor ramirez - 25 Nov ’23

Character Education

Report a new high History


A00B06 is reported as a possible low for this type by Justin Beus on 2010-11-24.

Embossed high: A50B00

Flat low: A50B01

Disability: A0B33

Wally Punzmann - 2 Feb ’20

Child Abuse Prevention

Report a new high History

Flat Walter Moneypenny reports a low of AC-00001. Embossed high:  AC-64978 Flat low:  AC-65039 There is also a Disability version of the Kids plate.  Disability sign on left in front of serial format. Disability low:   AC-0002 Disability high:  AC-4322

Victor ramirez - 17 Sep ’23

Conserving Wildlife (2005)

Report a new high History

Started at W/A00001, which has been spotted by Justin Beus. This type has been discontinued but is still available by request until stock runs out. Justin requested the highest available number and received our high of W/A01948 on 2014-01-23.

Justin Beus - 23 Jan ’14

Conserving Wildlife (2010)

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The official name for this type is "Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation" but the legend on the bottom of the plate is simply "Conserving Wildlife." Handicapped low:  00CW01 (This is the lowest number)  2013-08-24  Gary Fox Handicapped high:  00CW25

Victor ramirez - 19 Jul ’23


Report a new high History

Now flat

This plate is for the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team in Phoenix and it was released on 2007-04-02.

Low: DB00015

Embossed high: DB05382

Flat low: DB05410

Disability: DB0020

Brad Rex - 18 Jan ’20


84A 9WB
Report a new high History

Still embossed

Environmental - Disability: AA47EV

Embossed; small wheelchair symbol precedes the registration characters.

Victor ramirez - 3 Jul ’23

Families of Fallen Police Officers

Report a new high History


Original design had background with the yellow and red "sunburst" from the state flag with a police officer silhouette on the right, but the red sunburst has been dropped to make the plate easier to read.

Low: FP00004

High with old design: FP05483

Low with new design: FP05511

Families of Fallen Police Officers - Handicapped: 0206FA

Low: 0029FA

Victor ramirez - 15 Sep ’23


93A 2RM
Report a new high History

Seen in Phoenix

Disability: AB4F 2015-08-01 Art Phillips

Victor ramirez - 25 Mar ’24

Firefighter Training

Report a new high History

Low: FT0054 Staff - 27 Jun ’20

Foreign Consul

Report a new high History

On the graphic base with the older large dies. Looked like a newly issued plate but the old dies haven't been used in years. Eric Sivertsen reports seeing 40 with the newer dies, so it was either a replacement or a reissue. Eric also reports 33 on the old gold on brown base, as well as 14 on the current base, embossed. Clark Wothe reports 64 with new embossed dies on a newly issued plates, so they appear to be reissuing old numbers. Justin Beus reports 65 and 71 on the old base.

An update from Eric: Honorary Foreign Consul plates 97, 98 & 99 are in mint condition on the storage shelf at the Florence prison complex plate factory. The Arizona members who went on the factory tour a few months ago were able to see these. The current graphic plate, but with the larger old dies.

After the graphic embossed series ended at 99, a flat plate desert-scene HFC plate with a red logo and a 12HFC3 format appeared, presumably starting at 00HFC1. These started appearing in early 2013.

From Clark Wothe: There is yet ANOTHER variety of this plate. The number above is still flat but now the logo on the left is gone, and the plate number is center justified in red letters (instead of the usual dark green.)

Willie C. Brock, Jr. - 21 Dec ’14

Fraternal Order of Police

Report a new high History


Disability: AB9P 2016-01-14Eric Sivertsen FOP logo then wheelchair symbol then plate numbers.

Willie C. Brock, Jr. - 7 Jan ’10


E6A 32H
Report a new high History


This is a new style with a big US flag across it. 1FR2345 sequence, beginning with zero in first position on first series. The first plate in the issue was 0FR0001 and was spotted by Eric Sivertsen.

Low: 0FR0447

Embossed high: 0FR9993

Flat low: 1FR0041

Freedom Disability: 01FR37 (embossed with small wheelchair logo to left of serial)

Justin Beus spotted a personalized Freedom Disability that was flat with the wheelchair logo to the right of the serial.

Freedom Motorcycle low: 002F

Freedom Motorcycle high: 2779F (flat)

Justin Beus got a photo of 1FR0000, which was the last embossed plate of this type.

Victor ramirez - 11 Nov ’23

Golden Rule

Report a new high History

New design

Last plate made of old design was LM09000. First plate of new design is LM09001.

Series low: LM00010 reported by Ken Tuc.

Disability low: LM0001 (The lowest possible) 2013-05-26 Justin Beus

Lowest new design Disability: LM0201

Disability high: LM0210

Walter Moneypenny - 21 Nov ’19

Hunger Relief

02A 4KR
Report a new high History

00001HR reported as a low by Ken Tuc. Disability:  0013HR

Victor ramirez - 9 Nov ’23

In God We Trust

Report a new high History

Low: 00AB04

Disability: 04AB3

Willie C Brock Jr - 13 Sep ’21

Keep It Beautiful

Report a new high History


Available Feb. 24, 2013.

Low: A0051B 2013-07-09 Wally Punzmann

Disability: A011B

Victor ramirez - 11 Feb ’24

Masonic Fraternity

Report a new high History

MM00004 reported as a low by Justin Beus.

Disability: 00MM12

Willie C. Brock, Jr. - 26 Jan ’16

Navajo Nation

Report a new high History

Not tribal plates per se; this is a state-issued specialty plate that can be ordered by anyone.  Vanity plates are available on this type.   Disability: B/A 845 with the wheelchair symbol preceding the registration characters.

Victor ramirez - 24 Jun ’23

Northern Arizona University

Report a new high History

Still embossed and issued in pairs until most likely V8500. A new design still in pairs started at V8501. These are flat. Justin Beus received the first plate of the new design.

Disability: AM2N 2013-05-26 Justin Beus (wheelchair symbol before registration number) The first new design Disability was AM1N.

John Northup - 1 Aug ’19

Organ Donor

Report a new high History

Embossed through B9ZZW, now flat. Low flat: C6AAW

High for Organ Donor - Disability: C1WD

Disability version has disability symbol before numbers and right of organ donor logo.

Victor ramirez - 21 Jan ’24

PBS Arizona Channel 8

Report a new high History

Disability: 0PBS11

Disability low: 0PBS11

Jose Ocana - 11 Mar ’15

Pet Friendly

Report a new high History

Now flat in the latest series.

Embossed high: 9999C

Flat low: 000C3

First available on 5/1/05. Original series was in the C1234 format, then 1234C, then 123C4.

See Notes for Arizona State University plates regarding the issuance of the early C prefix plates.

Pets Disability: C158 (embossed) Low: C008 spotted by Ken Tuc.

Victor ramirez - 9 Jul ’23

Phoenix International Raceway

Report a new high History

Walter Moneypenny - 28 Jul ’19

Phoenix Suns

Report a new high History

From Wally Punzmann: Phoenix Suns plate has a new design with a black background and Phoenix Suns logo to the left of the plate number. New number format as well, PX1234.

Low: PX0003 reported by Ken Tuc.

Old Phoenix Suns design (orange background) high: 0PS4803

0PS0006 reported as a low by Justin Beus.

Disability: 00PS03

Disability (new design): PX012

Victor ramirez - 24 Dec ’23

San Carlos Apache

Report a new high History

This plate is available to the general public.  Still embossed. Disability:  C00E7

Victor ramirez - 23 Oct ’23

Support Our Schools

Report a new high History

Disability: 01AE4

Seen on Phoenix

Victor ramirez - 20 Mar ’24

Thunderbird School

Report a new high History

Thunderbird School of Global Management

Disability: TB14

Willie C. Brock, Jr. - 15 Sep ’15

University of Arizona

Report a new high History


Disability: BF1C (B at the beginning and C at the end appear to be constant.)

Embossed high: P5897

Flat low: P6017

High for previous design: R4848

Low for new design with white numbers on red background: R5062

Victor ramirez - 11 Jul ’23

University of Phoenix

Report a new high History

Lowest possible (F/A 0001) was spotted in Phoenix

Disability: A52F 2013-05-26 Justin Beus

Victor ramirez - 25 Feb ’24

White Mountain Apache

Report a new high History

The third of the Arizona Native American Series. Flat plate. Started out as WM001, then changed to 001WM, and now 0WM01.

Disability: WM4B 2013-05-24 Justin Beus

Victor ramirez - 29 Dec ’23

Military Veteran Plates

Ex-Prisoner of War

Report a new high History

Ex-POW low: A23

Ex-POW Disability: 1N (embossed) Progression: 0A-0Z, then 1A-1Z, and up.

Willie C. Brock, Jr. - 2 Jun ’09

Gold Star Family

Report a new high History

Gold Star Motorcycle:  A001  2014-04-03  Justin Beus

Gold Star Disability:  B11  2014-07-27  Willie C. Brock, Jr.  (Began at A02)

Victor ramirez - 24 Feb ’24

Marine Corps Scholarship

Report a new high History

Low: BC0109

Marine Corps Motorcycle low: 12BC

Wally Punzmann - 28 Jul ’18

National Guard

N 2065
Report a new high History

Kit Sage - 10 Oct ’05

Pearl Harbor Survivor

Report a new high History

Justin Beus - 22 Feb ’10

Purple Heart

Report a new high History


Purple Heart Disability flat low: D67P

Purple Heart Disability high: L07P

Purple Heart Motorcycle high: P48D

Purple Heart Motorcycle Disability High: P9J

Wally Punzmann - 1 Nov ’18


02A 7AP
Report a new high History


High embossed: 9S989

Low flat: 00R01 (likely the first flat)

Veteran progression after V/T numbers: 1R234, 1S234, 12R34, 12S34, 123R4, 0001R

Justin Beus spotted VT0001, which is the first Veteran plate issued.

Victor ramirez - 30 Sep ’23

Veteran - Disability

Report a new high History


Progression: progression after V/T numbers: 1R2C3, 1C2R3, 12R3C, 12C3R, 1S2C3, 1C2S3, 12S3C, 12C3S, 1R2B3, 1B2R3, 12R3B, 1D2R3, 12D3R, 123DR, 12DR3, 1D23R, 12R3D

High embossed: 12R1C

Low flat: 85R6C

Justin Beus reports another format, and the first plate of that series: 0C0R1 on 2010-01-12.

Veteran - Disability Motorcycle: 1ZT (wheelchair symbol before registration number) This is a fifth series plate. The first series configuration was T01, second was 0T1, third was 01T, fourth was AT1, fifth is 1AT.

Jacco Hoekstra - 7 May ’21

Veteran - Motorcycle

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Progression: T123, 1T23, 12T3, 123T, D001, 1D23, 01D0, 123D, 00E0, now 12AB.

Justin Beus spotted the first plate of the first series, T001.

Embossed high: 83T4

Flat low: 039T

Disability: RT4

Disability progression is T12, 1T2, 12T, & AT1 (T is constant.)

Willie C. Brock, Jr. - 19 Oct ’15

Women Veterans

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Low: WV0054

Disability: WV056

Low Disability: WV002

Victor ramirez - 28 Nov ’23

Former Series (no longer issued but still valid)

1980 Series

NXG 177
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Maroon plates were first issued in pairs in 1980 in the AAA-001 series and up. Pairs continued until around the ETT series. ETT-374 reported as the highest pair seen on the road. Arizona issued only single plates for regular passenger after that, but some other types (such as personalized and Environment) continued to be issued in pairs.

Clark Wothe - 27 Aug ’02

1996 Series

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Embossed. Upon reaching 999·ZZZ, passenger plates rolled over to the AAA0000 format (see "2008 Series"). Staff - 31 Dec ’07

2008 Series

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Seen in Phoenix

Flat, with seven characters.

Low: AAA0039

By at least ADY0325, the characters are now shifted back to the center of the plate. The change probably took place at ADY0001. Arizona bans frames that cover the state name.

In 2020, a new alphanumeric format was adopted (see "2020 Series"). It had been posited that the series would end at CVZ, but further sightings in CW- and CX- have cast doubt on this hypothesis.

Walter Moneypenny - 1 Apr ’24

2020 Series

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Starting April 15 2020, the previous AAA0000 format was abandoned and the passenger registration format switched to this mashup of letters and numerals.

Simultaneously, most distinctive formats for specialty plates (e.g. "AG" for Agriculture, "AH" for Arizona Historical Society, "DB" for Diamondbacks, etc.) were abandoned. Thenceforth, all specialty designs drew from common alphanumeric series of 5, 6, or 7 characters. So, this series is also applied to some specialty plates, such as Environmental, and some non-passenger types.

Clark Wothe - 25 Apr ’24