Arkansas License Plates


11 - black on yellow

12 - black on blue

13 - black on red

14 - black on yellow

15 - black on blue

Standard Passenger Plates

Passenger new

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See notes below about U series.

Currently valid bases:

1979 issue - white background with red registration characters, blue state name and "Land of Opportunity" issued from the GED through POR prefix series.

1989 issue - white background with blue registration characters, white state name in red band across top, red on white "Land of Opportunity" at bottom, issued from the POS through ZZZ-999 series.

1996 issue - same as the 1979 colors. The main change was the reversal of the number format, using the 001-AAA format through the KPF series.

2006 issue - white graphic with blue fade from top and diamond in center of plate. State name and "The Natural State" in darker red, registration characters in black, issued from the KPG suffix series to present.

Chuck reports that the "diamond" plate is being referred to by the state as design #2. Personalized plates will be issued on design 2 in the future, but existing ones will not automatically be replaced.

Eric Sivertsen reports that CNN had a story on the recall of the NGR series because some people found it offensive.

Previous base high: 914 KPF

Current base low: 135 KPH

Arkansas did issue the OOO series, as confirmed by Dennis Kuo's sighting of 265 OOO.

May 2015 update: Passenger plates jumped from the UDN series into the W series. No reason is known.

More from Dennis Kuo: The W-series appeared midway through 2014 starting at WAA. It looks like it made it to about WP- by January of 2015, then the U-series appeared, starting at UAA. I haven't seen anything higher than UD-. The W-series appeared to have resumed with WR- during April 2015. I've seen a WT- plate (on my street) as above. We'll see if the UE- series gets issued after WZ-.

To make things even more difficult, Arkansas just abandoned the two-sticker system on license plates. Until a few months ago, the upper left corner had a sticker for the month (1-12) and the upper right corner had a color-coded sticker for the year the registration expired (e.g. 13, 14, 15). Very legible, easy to tell when registration expired. Around December or January, Arkansas appeared to have switched to one sticker in the upper right corner, showing month/year of expiration (e.g. 04-16). A blank sticker is now placed over the left corner. The date on the new stickers is too small to be seen from a reasonable distance.

U series high: 460 UHA 2015-07-25 Dennis Kuo

HB - 12 Jun ’24

Non-passenger Plates


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Alex Burbidge - 9 Apr ’23


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Black on white.

Previous style was blue on white, Arkansas is on blue stripe at the top in white letters.

Old base high: 244821

New base low: 262930

400- series is now returned to the previous blue on white rather than black on white.

Hunter - 20 Feb ’23


537 EF
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After ZZ 999, flipped to 001 AA.

Hunter - 25 Oct ’21

Permanent Trailer

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Martin Houle - 29 Mar ’23


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"Permanent Trailer" on the bottom.

Steve Hill - 24 Jul ’23


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Black on yellow

Hunter - 6 Mar ’21

Specialty Plates

National Guard

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Hunter - 11 Mar ’21

Military Veteran Plates

Disabled Veterans

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Hunter - 20 Nov ’21