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County allocation system through 2008, although the system began to break down to a more random distribution before the end of the issue. The new 2009 base is not county coded, but new black-on-white month stickers with county coding are now in use as of 2011. They have a two-digit code for the month (i.e. 01 for January) and a two-letter code for the county (DL=Delaware), with the county name spelled out beneath.

A new base for Oklahoma went on sale January 2, 2009.

12 - white on maroon
13 - black on orange
14 - white on blue
15 - black on yellow
Type Plate Notes Reporter
Passenger 684LXX The current base is the new Sacred Rain Arrow base, which began issue in January, 2009. It replaced all previous bases. As noted above, it is a serial issue without county coding. The C series was skipped.

Registrants who had the previous green on white "Native America" were given the option to keep their number on that base, so some standard plate numbers are appearing on the Sacred Rain Arrow base that are much higher than the sequential issue. We have had reports of M and N series plates, but those were numbers carried over from the last base. The sequential issue is in the L series.

Plates with the letter F in the last position are Farm Truck. The plates look nearly identical except for having "Farm Vehicle" where "Native America" normally appears.
Willie C. Brock, Jr.
Cleveland (Norman) VYB 497 Native America base Jim Palmer
Oklahoma (Okla City) 457 XWL Native America base Wally Punzmann
Tulsa (Tulsa) 658 ZZC Native America base Gus Oliver
Non-passenger Plates
Antique MC AV572 Embossed green on white Gus Oliver
Apportioned 2VP517 Flat
Embossed high: 2MS-595
Flat low: 2NY132
Steve Hill
Comm. Truck Z43452 After reaching X99 999, this series reversed and went to 999 99X, then the Y12 345 format, then 12345Y with no space on the new base. Upon reaching 99999Y, the series changed to an I prefix. The Z prefix series seems to be in use now.
Native base high: Y23 212
New base low: Y35924 New base resumed where Native base ended.
Martin Houle
Farm Truck 941QAF New base; No county coding, last letter always F, I series (ie: 123IAF) was used. Keith Foreman
Handicap HM 273 Derry Hoggatt
Motorcycle 7G0660 Flat
Red on white
Charles Humphrey
Permanent Trailer 2547LK Changed to the "Sacred Rain Arrow" design between GL and GS
Green on white high: 872 2GN
Sacred Rain Arrow low: 262 6GP
Low (including green base): 627-0AM
Steve Hill
Specialty Plates
Apache Tribe APC-1948 Newer design Gus Oliver
Caddo Nation C-3318 Connell Lindh
Cherokee Nation 835-30C Flat
C is now in the last position.
Embossed high: 407-60C
Flat low: 428-71C

Cherokee Nation - Veteran: V00-590
Willie C. Brock, Jr.
Cheyenne-Arapaho Tribe 016-532 Originally in the CA1-234 format up to CA9-999, then the CA was removed. Willie C. Brock, Jr.
Comanche Nation CK-881 CI-425 had blue numbers, but CG-748 was seen with red numbers. No known reason for the difference yet. Willie C. Brock, Jr.
Comanche Nation Vet VET-689 Benjamin Bruce
Fight Breast Cancer 196 FBC Keith Foreman
Kickapoo Tribe of OK KTO-3062 Jacco Hoekstra
Kiowa Tribe
New design Gus Oliver
Kiowa Tribe Veteran VET-225 Benjamin Bruce
Miami Nation 2374 Spotted on the 2010 base with no MI in front of plate. Dark red / black background with logo of tribe on left and name of tribe on top and the tribe's saying of it. OKLAHOMA in caps and the tribe spelling of the state on the bottom. Kyle Wasson
Muscogee Nation B3K78 This is a new numbering format. The original numbering format plates were issued without Oklahoma on the plate, which made it difficult for out-of-state law enforcement to determine where the plate was issued. The new plates now have Oklahoma on the plate. Steve Hill
Oklahoma State University
Jordan Irazabal
Osage Nation
Jacco Hoekstra
Pawnee Nation 00518 Jacco Hoekstra
Ponca Nation 001 771 Small symbol between numbers Jacco Hoekstra
Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma QT D85 Jacco Hoekstra
Seminole Nation 19647 Willie C. Brock, Jr.
Seneca Cayuga Tribe
Jacco Hoekstra
State Parks
Gary Whitt
Tulsa Zoo TZ0-070 Flat Gus Oliver
United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee UKB 9544 UKB Veteran - 149 Jacco Hoekstra
Western Delaware Nation DN529 Benjamin Bruce
Wichita and Affiliated Tribes
Jacco Hoekstra