Nunavut License Plates


11 - blue on white

12 - green on white

13 - white on black

Standard Passenger Plates


011 118
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Daryl C. reports the new 2012 Nunavut base plates now have a graphic background that has a polar bear, an inukshuk, and the northern lights. The first flat plate in Canada, it uses the same 3M fonts as states such as Minnesota and South Carolina. For the first-issued passenger plate, see

The lowest spotted by a Highs reporter is 001 835 by Nicholas Pescod.

Jim Sadler - 11 Mar ’18

Non-passenger Plates


A01 755
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Motorcycle size plate

Replaces the former Quad/Snowmobile plate on the original (bear) issue. (see below)

Andrew Osborne - 29 Jun ’15


C02 045
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Original base (bear) high: C7432N 2014-07-25 Andrew Osborne

Mike Franks - 6 Feb ’15


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Plate Finder Number One - 4 Aug ’09


G01 048
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New flat style

Original base (bear) high: G6113N

Ben Maltz - 21 Aug ’14

Public Service

P00 293
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Used on taxis.

Sam Farley - 24 Jul ’14

Inactive Series

Commercial (1999 series)

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Andrew Osborne reports C5541N was issued on 2004-04-03, which supports the report he heard that boxes are being opened in reverse order. This is also happening with other types, so tracking highs will be impossible as long as this continues.

Andrew Osborne - 13 May ’12

Motorcycle (1999 series)

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Charles Humphrey reports new style plate A01 072 in Motorcycle size, but it was on an ORV, so it could either be Motorcycle or Quad/Snowmobile, or a combined use plate if those types were merged. The plate had an old style March decal and a separate white on black "13" sticker.

Matt Embro - 1 Mar ’11

Passenger (1999 series)

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10004N reported as a low by John Hayes. The issue began at 10000N.

Andrew Osborne - 18 Oct ’14

Quad/Snowmobile (1999 series)

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Red letters, motorcycle size, seen online, Mar. 07 sticker

This type is now called ATV on the new issue. (see above)

Eric Sivertsen - 19 Feb ’07

Rental Car (1999 series)

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Andrew Osborne - 10 Jul ’10

School Bus (1999 series)

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Jacco Hoekstra - 13 Dec ’08

Trailer (1999 series)

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As with some other classes, Trailer plates are being issued in a somewhat random order because boxes were opened out of order. To further prove how plates are being issued out of sequence: trailer plate T1760N was issued on Aug 19, 2010, a mere two and half years after the current high of T1773N

Eric Sivertsen - 12 Jan ’08