Maine License Plates

AEA - AEZ used for Low Speed Vehicles on Chickadee plates. AHA - AHZ used for Custom Vehicle on Chickadee plates.


Sticker colors have been on a five-year cycle since 2000, which was black on white.

2011 black on gold

2012 black on mint green

2013 black on blue

2014 black on orange

2015 black on white

2016 black on gold

2017 black on green (for 2 year Trailer registrations)

New single motorcycle sticker will be out 3/1/12 and is like the standard 2013 sticker except for the stacked "MAR" to the right of the year and will be in the upper right corner of the plate. All motorcycle registrations will expire in March and inspection stickers will go on the plates on the upper left.

(Our thanks to Daniel Savage for this information.)

Standard Passenger Plates


6678 XH
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The current base began in July, 1999 as a general reissue, starting at 1 GA.

Series jumped from NF to NH since NG was already used on Chickadee plates for National Guard. PA followed NZ since the O series was skipped. PI series was skipped. PU also apparently skipped. QA through QD was issued, but plates have now jumped to RA. SI series skipped. SQ series confirmed. TI series skipped. UI apparently skipped.

- 1 May ’19

Non-passenger Plates

Antique Auto

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Antique Auto plates in Maine are validated annually, and they do not have use restrictions. Vehicles registered in this class are exempt from the annual safety inspection.

Chris Martin - 19 Mar ’19


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Seen in Skowhegan

Daniel Savage - 17 Dec ’15


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Seen in Skowhegan

Upon reaching 799-999, format changed to 1A-0001 through 9Z-9999.

- 7 Mar ’19


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Seen in Skowhegan

Daniel Savage - 28 Feb ’19


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Seen in Portland

HIRE at bottom of plate.

Daniel Savage - 13 Feb ’19


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Ride Safe slogan at bottom of plate. FU skipped.

Jeff also reported 15 GW on 2010-05-18, but this was likely an early low number pull.

Previous highs of 186 HT and 345 HV had M/C stacked prefix. Some higher HV and all HW had no M/C stacked prefix to allow room for the inspection sticker on the upper left corner, so the change appears to have been in the HV series. All existing plates with the M/C stacked prefix are still valid.

Jeff Fortier - 5 Apr ’19


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Seen in Skowhegan

The 400-000 series is used for most vehicles, but there is also a series that started at 301-000 for trailers, tractors (not truck tractors) and mobile equipment. Daniel Savage reports 306-157 on 6/12/12. 300-000 to 300-999 are on vehicles owned by the University of Maine System.

Jeff Fortier - 11 Jan ’19


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A series ended at A 999999. B series began at B 100001.

Chris Martin - 30 Apr ’19

Specialty Plates


578 BCB
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Seen in Skowhegan

101-AGA to 999-AGZ reserved for Agriculture plates released 10/1/07

ANA-ANZ block will be used after AGZ. ANL skipped.

Passenger: AGA, AGB, AGD, AGE

Commercial: AGC (955-AGC reported by Daniel Savage on 2014-12-18.)

Farm: AGF

Passenger: AGG and up

Phil - 5 May ’19

Animal Welfare

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Newest Optional first available 10/1/09. Began at AMA series. Series advanced from AMZ to AWA. Features images of a cat, dog, horse, and rabbit with "Adopt" slogan.

Phil - 3 Mar ’19

Black Bear

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New optional plate available 3 NOV 03. Series began at 101 ACA. "The University of Maine" bottom center. This is the official plate for the University of Maine at Orono (the main campus) and proceeds from this plate benefit UMO.

From Jeff Fortier: ADA is the beginning of the second block of plates. Initially ACA-ADZ set aside for this series. Took 9 years and 4 months to run through the first block of plates.

Daniel Savage - 24 Mar ’19

Breast Cancer

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Seen in Raymond

Series beginning at 101-ALA to 999-ALZ. Next series is ATA to ATZ.

ATP through ATU seem to have been skipped. ATV and ATW have been seen.

New optional Breast Cancer "Early Detection." Features same state shape and ribbon image as Support Our Troops. Plates first issued on Oct 1, 2008.

Phil - 12 Aug ’18

Disability Special Veteran

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ISA symbol on the right for access to handicapped parking. First issued 7/20/04 starting at 1A.

Seen in Anson

Chris Martin - 18 Apr ’19

Disabled Veteran

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Seen in North Anson

US Flag on the left with "DISABLED VETERAN" caption on the bottom.

Daniel Savage - 3 May ’18

Disabled Veteran Parking

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US Flag on the left & ISA on the right. Numbering range is 111A-999Z. Introduced 7/12/10.

Daniel Savage - 13 Feb ’19


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W. P. Blanchard - 9 Aug ’15

Gold Star Family

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Features the image of a us flag and "Land of the Free Because of the Brave" slogan. Stacked G/S 0000 format numbers 1000-9999. First available Aug 2011.

From Daniel Savage: First 53 registrants had their numbers drawn in a lottery on 8/17/11. The numbers ranged from 1001-1999 so the sequential high is not necessarily the highest number on the road. The lowest number I have seen so far is 1036 spotted on 3/21/12.

Daniel Savage - 3 Jun ’12


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AAO series was skipped.

After ABZ series was supposed to go to AEB afterwards. The state mistakenly produced a batch of ACA plates. ACA is already used on the Black Bear Plates. The state is going to recall all of the ACA plates issued. Jeff Fortier reports 326-ACA on 5/10/10.

There is also a Lobster Commercial plate in the -ARA suffix of plates. Phil Blanchard spotted 380-ARA.

Phil - 3 Feb ’19


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I suffix not used.

Chris Martin - 18 Apr ’19

Loon - Commercial

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Seen in Portland

Daniel Savage - 24 Apr ’18

Loon - Commercial

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Seen in Portland

Phil - 26 Aug ’18

Purple Heart

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Began 9/1/1995

Daniel Savage - 13 Feb ’19


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New optional plate, issued 4/7/08, began with 101-AKA. "Support Wildlife" bottom center with an image of Mount Katahdin at the top, a moose in the upper left, and a brook trout in the lower left. There is a $20 fee for this type.

Order of issuance: AKA-AKU (roughly), AKZ, AKV-AKY, ASA-present.

Chris Martin - 19 Mar ’19

Support Our Troops

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Seen in South Portland

New specialty plate available 11/1/07. 101-AJA to 999-AJZ block reserved for this series.

W. P. Blanchard - 20 Sep ’18

Univ. of Maine

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Seen in Portland

This is the original university plate for Maine, and proceeds from this plate benefit the entire University of Maine System. "University" at bottom center. U/M/S screened vertically to left of registration number.

Jeff Fortier - 13 Dec ’18


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Seen in Skowhegan

Letter V is red, numbers are blue.

Jeff Fortier - 5 Apr ’19


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Effective August 12, 2005, Wabanaki registration plates became available to members of the Passamaquoddy, Penobscot, Maliseet and Micmac Tribes in Maine

101-AFA to 999-AFZ used for Wabanaki (available 8/12/05). 101-AGA to 999-AGZ unused. 101-AHA to 999-AHZ for Custom Vehicle plates on Chickadee base set for 7/1/06 release.

Chris Martin - 20 Mar ’19